5 kid-friendly family vacation spots across America

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5 kid-friendly family vacation spots across America

5 kid-friendly family vacation spots across America | Chariot XXI

A kid-friendly vacation spot is the cornerstone of an enjoyable getaway for you and your family. With new theme parks, museums, and zoos opening every year, the possibilities seem endless. But there are several cities in America that are known for offering hot spots and amenities that children and adults will both love. Below are five kid-friendly vacation spots and three tips to help your next family getaway be one that you and your children will always remember.

1) Washington D.C.

If your children have never seen the nation’s capital, there is no time like the present! If the weather is nice, you can schedule a walking tour of the White House and Washington Monument and then enjoy a great meal at one of D.C.’s many family-friendly restaurants. Your children can also be among the first of their friends to visit the new International Spy Museum, which offers exciting hands-on workshops your kids will love.

2) Branson, Missouri

Branson is home to the World’s Largest Toy Museum, making it an exciting destination for toy-loving children and adult toy aficionados. There is actually a total of six toy museums within the complex, creating hours of endless excitement for your kids. Branson is also a picturesque city that is known for its beautiful countrysides and great places to go fishing.

3) Louisville, Kentucky

Louisville is known across the globe for being the place where Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) was founded. But there is more to do in Kentucky than eat chicken! Here are a few great places in Louisville that you and your children can enjoy together:

  • The Louisville Slugger Museum: Discover where and how baseball bats are made and take home a signed commemorative bat
  • Churchill Downs Racetrack: See where the famous Kentucky Derby horse race unfolds every year while enjoying some time with horses
  • Kentucky Kingdom: Louisville’s top theme park includes water rides, roller coasters, and a host of games and shows for all ages

4) New York, New York

Visiting New York gives your children a chance to see famous places such as Rockefeller Center, Ellis Island, and Central Park. You can also take your children to see the Empire State Building and One World Trade Center. New York also provides a rich blend of cultures and vibrant neighborhoods such as Chinatown, Little Italy, and others. And with over 26,000 restaurants, New York is a food lover’s dream! New York is also a great place for your family to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

5) Miami, Florida

When most people think of kid-friendly vacation spots in Florida, they think of Orlando and Disney World. But Miami has become a top destination for families seeking warm weather, beautiful beaches, and even safari parks. Miami is also a great spot for kids who love animals. As one of the first cageless zoos in the United States, Zoo Miami is on track to becoming the nation’s top zoo. Your children will be able to see animals from Africa, Australia, and other parts of the world as they walk through the largest and oldest zoo in Florida.

What are some tips to help you and your kids enjoy a perfect vacation?

A family vacation to any of the locations outlined above will create memories that will stick with you and your children for a lifetime. And with a little advance planning, you can ensure that those memories are positive ones that do not involve any travel disasters. Here are three tips to help you enjoy the perfect vacation with your kids:

1) Call your favorite professional car service

When your kids see a luxury car pull into the driveway, they will know that their vacation has officially begun! There are many benefits to using a luxury car service to kick off your vacation. In addition to transporting you and your family to the airport in style, a professional car service eliminates the need to contend with traffic hassles. Here are a few tips to help you ensure that you kick off your family vacation in style:

  • Make sure you secure your reservation earlyto minimize last minute planning
  • In addition to securing a car to take you to the airport, consider booking a car to pick you up after your flight to help cope with any jet lag
  • When you book your car, be sure to indicate whether you need one or more child safety seats
  • Involve your kids in the reservation booking by having them help with the vehicle selection and other options

2) Include your children in the planning process

Planning a trip can be a fun and education process for small children and pre-teens. Start at the beginning when you book your flight and transportation and walk them through the process of choosing airline seating, ground transportation, and hotel accommodations. This will help your children feel valued and help build excitement about your upcoming trip.

3) Follow this five-step plan during at the airport

Once you arrive at the airport and clear security, it is time to make sure that your kids are prepared for their upcoming flight. Here is a short 5-step plan to help make sure your children are comfortable and enjoy their flight:

  • Take your children to the bathroom prior to boarding – even if they say they do not need to go.
  • Board your flight early. You should be eligible to for early boarding if you are traveling with small children.
  • Pack snacks that are healthful and keep them in the front of your carry-on for easy access during the flight.
  • Monitor your child’s beverage consumption, as too many drinks can stimulate frequent bladder activity.
  • Bring one or two of your child’s favorite toys to keep them occupied during the flight

The Bottom Line

The key to enjoying a vacation with your children is to do your homework and do plenty of advance planning. Whenever possible, include your children in the planning process so they will know what to expect when their vacation officially begins. By following the tips above, you can help ensure that your next family vacation is a success!

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