10 Places in North America to Escape the heat

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July 31, 2019
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10 Places in North America to Escape the heat

10 Places in North America to Escape the heat | Chariot XXI

What do you love best about summer? The vacation atmosphere. The cold drinks. The swimming. The heat. Well, some people like the heat, and others end up in air-conditioned buildings all summer long because the heat is too overwhelming. This year, instead of holing up indoors, plan a vacation to a cool place where you can enjoy the great outdoors without suffering from heat stroke. Try one of these North American locales with moderate temperatures and lots of vacation fun. They are all quite a distance from Texas, so you’ll want to travel by plane to your destination (unless you’re taking your camper). Take off the stress by letting ChariotXXI drive you safely to any of the Houston airports.

  1. Acadia National Park, Maine

Located on the Atlantic coastline, this beautiful national park gives you a good idea of what it means for the sea and land to interact. It features miles of shoreline, cobble beaches, a sand beach (appropriately called Sand Beach), forests and woodlands, granite rock shaped by glaciers, lakes and ponds, wetlands, and Cadillac Mountain, which is the first place in the United States touched by the morning sun. If you’re a bird-watcher, you will love finding birds to add to your list, which include Peregrine falcons and American kestrels.

Do you have a child in the fourth grade? All fourth graders can get a free pass to national parks around the United States!

  1. Blowing Rock, North Carolina

A family-friendly vacation spot located in the High Country of North Carolina, this mountain town has waterfalls, gem mining, hiking trails, breathtaking views, horseback riding, whitewater rafting, fishing, and even golfing. Bring your kids, your pets, your grandparents, or make this a romantic trip for just the two of you. If you love mountains, you’re going to love Blowing Rock.

  1. Cannon Beach, Oregon

Experience the magic of the Pacific Northwest on this sandy beach in Oregon. Does a beach vacation sound hot to you? Not this one. The temperatures don’t often get above 70 degrees, and the comfortable ocean breezes make this one beach you’re going to enjoy without sweltering in the sun! There are many attractions in Cannon Beach, including whale watching and hikes into the rainforest. But most of all, it is beautiful. Encounter nature like never before!

  1. Great Northern Peninsula, Newfoundland

Travel to the island of Newfoundland, Canada where you can enjoy the coastline with the Long Range Mountains in the background. Summers on the Great Northern Peninsula are cooled down with ocean breezes, which might be blowing off the tops of the incredible icebergs you’ll see moving through the Strait of Belle Isle. Vacationers can enjoy fishing the World Class Salmon Rivers, hiking the trails, or taking in one of the festivals in the area.

  1. Kenai Fjords National Park, Alaska

Want to see snow and ice on your summer vacation? You don’t have to look far in this wilderness national park, where miles of glaciers still can be found. Enjoy other activities here, such as kayaking the Fjords, viewing wildlife, visiting nature centers, and learning more about the area from a park ranger. Travel deeper into the park on a boat tour, and make sure to wear a hat and mittens because it can be cold out there on the water!

  1. Mexico City, Mexico

Want to go south and still enjoy comfortable conditions? Try Mexico City! At the heart of Mexican culture, this historic capital city contains the most museums in the world. Eat, drink, and enjoy the many different types of cuisine found in the city. Whether your cultural tastes run toward folklore, modern art, or elaborate palaces, you’re going to find something interesting to explore. Why is this a cool weather location? Mexico City is at a high elevation which means it stays cooler. It is even higher than Denver, Colorado!

  1. Nova Scotia, Canada

Enjoy the adventure atmosphere of the very lovely Nova Scotia. You can hike, bike, raft, and go whale watching. Discover lighthouses, take a road trip, indulge in excellent food and wine. The landscape is all one big vacation destination. You’re not going to run out of things to do and see!

  1. Olympic National Park, Washington

Feeling a little wild? The wilderness of Olympic National Park should satisfy your need for uncivilized natural beauty. Whether you want tall mountain peaks, lush temperate rainforests, coastlines like you’ve never seen, fast-flowing rivers, or alpine meadows, Olympic National Park offers it all. Do some backpacking or play it safe and stay at a rustic lodge. Whichever way you look, the views are picture perfect.

  1. Upper Peninsula, Michigan

The Midwest region of the United States can get pretty hot in summer, but the UP is way up there. It is still summer, but attractively northern. From the natural beauties of waterfalls and forests to the interesting boat tours of shipwrecks and the old-fashioned quaintness of lighthouses, the UP gives everyone a great time. Don’t fill your days so full that you can’t take some time to watch the Northern Lights at night!

  1. Vancouver, Canada

With average summer temperatures in the 60s and 70s, Vancouver is a great place to spend your summer vacation. It’s got all the urban delights of a major cosmopolitan city plus the outdoor beauty of the Rocky Mountains and the ocean marine ecology. You can enjoy whale watching, guided wilderness tours, white water rafting, or sightseeing wherever you go around the city. Don’t forget to visit English Bay Beach and take a selfie of yourself next the ancient inukshuk, the stone sculpture of the Inuit culture.

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