Luxury sedan

Luxury sedan Volvo S90 is the perfect choice to transport your distinguished clients or precious family members to and from the airport and exclusive events. Volvo S90 with it’s over and above safety, comfort, and space would be a nice touch for the special occasion. Its dual sunroof lets in plenty of light and includes a sunshade to control glare. Another feature that increases comfort and privacy are the side window sunblinds. Volvo S90 offers first-class rear seating with more leg room then most pricier luxury vehicles.

Seating: 3 Passengers
Luggage capacity: 3

Luxury Black SUV

SUVs are the vehicles of choice for our clients when they are on a vacation trip with family and friends. Our Yukon Denali, Lincoln Navigator, and suburban accommodate six passengers in their plush seats. They have plenty of space for the extra luggage and golf clubs. We also can provide car seats for the kiddos.

Seating: 6 Passengers
Luggage capacity: 6 or 10

TOP Van Coming Soon

The high top van is the ideal vehicle for sport events, concerts, and executives’ trips. It accommodates up to 14 passengers.

Seating: 14 Passengers