What are some benefits of early morning and late night flights?

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What are some benefits of early morning and late night flights?

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There are some travelers who insist that you should only take early morning flights. Some of the most popular reasons cited are shorter ticket counter lines and better overall airline experience. However, there are many other factors that make flying in the middle of the night appealing. From a smoother ride to extra storage space, here are a few reasons why some people enjoy traveling when most of the nation is asleep:

1) Cost savings

One of the top reasons why people take early morning and red-eye flights is to save money. In addition to paying less for travel fair, you can maximize your daylight hours at your destination.

2) Less turbulence

Flying before the crack of dawn is a good strategy to help minimize turbulence. The thunderstorms and unstable air that cause turbulence tend to be more common in the afternoon and early evening.

3) Fewer delayed flights

Flying early in the morning can help reduce the chances that your flight will be delayed. There is not as much air traffic in the middle of the night and before dawn, which means that the airways are not typically congested until about 8:00 a.m.

4) More cabin space

Taking a red-eye flight can afford you more overhead bin space and increase the likelihood that the seat next to yours will be empty. Late-night flights tend to be significantly less crowded, which means you are more likely to experience a quieter, more spacious flying environment.

What are some of the cons of late night and early morning flights?

As outlined above, there are some enticing reasons to fly late at night or early in the morning. However, flying later than 10:00 at night and earlier than 6:00 in the morning can leave you hungry, tired, and with a disrupted internal body clock. Here are three of the top disadvantages of flying when most people are sleeping:

1) A lack of sleep

If your flight leaves at 5:00 a.m., you should arrive at the airport no later than 3:00 a.m. Assuming you only need an hour to get ready and your commute to the airport is 30 minutes, that means you need to be awake and preparing for your trip no later than 1:30 a.m. Surviving on just a few hours of sleep can leave you feeling exhausted and can even lead to forgetfulness. And the last thing you want to do is forget your identification or cell phone!

2) Minimal food and beverage choices

Restaurants at many airports – even some of the world’s largest – are often closed between the hours of midnight and 5:00 in the morning. While you might be able to find a vending machine stocked with some snacks or soft drinks, you will either need to pack some snacks or wait until you arrive at your destination to enjoy a sit-down meal.

3) Missed flights

When you travel early in the morning, there is an increased risk that you will oversleep and miss your flight. And finding another flight can prove to be difficult and costly. If you are notorious for oversleeping, you need to make sure that you take plenty of precautions to make sure you do not miss your flight.

What can you do to make early morning and late night travel less stressful?

While there will always be some factors that are out of your control, there are some simple steps you can take to ease the stress of traveling late at night or in the wee hours of the morning. Here are three tips to help you minimize travel-related challenges.

1) Learn how to travel light

Whether you are headed to the airport for a well-deserved vacation or an important business trip, you can help minimize your stress at the airport by packing everything you need in one carry-on bag. This may seem difficult to do if you are notorious for packing everything but the kitchen sink! But you can master the art of packing light with a little advance planning and some strategic packing.

2) Seek the services of a professional car service

Using a chauffeured car service can help you avoid nearly all of the pitfalls outlined above. A luxury car service will help you get to the airport on time while you relax in preparation for your upcoming flight. Best of all, you will not have to worry about carrying heavy bags or navigating the roadways when you are tired. Your professional driver will handle all of those details!

3) Plan well in advance if you are traveling with children

The challenges outlined above can be even more difficult to handle if you are traveling with toddlers or small children. The key to a smooth early morning or late night flight with children is to be early during every phase of your travels. You are already off to a good start if you have hired a car service to get you to the airport without delay. Once you arrive at the gate, take advantage of the early boarding perk and make sure snacks and entertainment are easily accessible.

The Bottom Line

Flying late at night or at the crack of dawn offers many benefits. However, you must also contend with interruptions to your sleep schedule and fewer airport amenities. The good news is that you can overcome these disadvantages with a little advance planning and some strategic packing. By following the three tips above, you can improve your travel experience regardless of the time of day or night you are traveling!

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