Follow these 8 Tips to Make Sure You Never Miss Your Flight Again

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Follow these 8 Tips to Make Sure You Never Miss Your Flight Again

Missing your flight can be costly. Between rebooking fees, meals, and hotel expenses, a missed flight can end up costing you hundreds of dollars. And while everyone knows the standard rule of thumb to arrive at the airport early, most travelers do not realize there are other measures they can take to help minimize their chances of missing their flight. By packing judiciously and by selecting your flight and mode of transportation to the airport with care, you can avoid the majority of pitfalls that can lead to missed flights. Below are eight tips to help make sure that you never miss your flight again.

1) Choose the date and time of your flight with care

…”Flight delays tend to increase later in the day, peaking at almost 20-minute delays around 6pm, after which they taper off slightly. Saturday flights are said to be less delayed, with Fridays having the highest chances of delayed flights — around 30% of Friday flights depart behind schedule.” – Sop…

The first step to take to avoid missing flights is to try to schedule them on the days of the week during which there are fewer delays. For instance, you can reduce the chances of delayed flights and missed connections by flying on Saturday instead of Friday. If this is not possible, then try to fly earlier in the day when you will be less likely to experience delays that could cause you to miss your connecting flight.

2) Reserve a chauffeured car service in advance

When you are in a hurry to get to the airport, the last thing in the world you need is to face delays due to a flat tire or missing car keys. You can avoid these pitfalls by enlisting the services of a trusted chauffeur service. When choosing a service, remember that not all car services are created equal. Here are some tips for seeking the best chauffeured car service in your area:

Experience: Look for a company that has been in business at least ten years
Detail-oriented: Every second counts, so look for a provider that will open doors and load luggage
Accredited: Look for a chauffeur service that is registered with the Better Business Bureau (BBB)
Superb reviews: Seek a service that is highly regarded by users on Yelp! and social media

3) Avoid checking a bag if possible

“Checking your bags can mean waiting in lines, and there’s a risk of having your luggage get lost or even stolen. Instead, you can utilize carry-on advantages to save time and ensure your stuff arrives with you.”

– HuffPost

If at all possible, try to fit all of your items into your carry-on bag. This will help you bypass the long lines of people waiting to check their bags. While there will be variance among airlines, you can usually take one carry-on bag and one personal item aboard a flight. Make sure to check these guidelines in advance to ensure that you comply with your airline’s carry-on requirements.

4) Make sure your laptop and toiletries are easily accessible

Opening your luggage and sorting through your belongings to locate your laptop, electronics, and toiletries can delay your passage through security. Keep any items that you will need to remove during security screening in the front of your carry-on bag to help expedite your passage through security screening.

5) Add a cushion to your flight’s Minimum Connecting Time (MCT)

The Minimum Connecting Time (MCT) is the amount of time that is deemed to be sufficient for a passenger to arrive on time for a connection that links an arriving flight and a departing flight. The MCT is determined in advance by the airline and airport authorities, and most major airports have MCT information listed on their websites. With 40% of passengers arriving late, you should plan to add at least 30 to 60 minutes to the MCT in order to help avoid missing your connection. Plan to add even more time if you are traveling internationally or if you are traveling with children.

6) Adjust your plans if you are traveling with children

Traveling with small children greatly increases the likelihood of unexpected delays and emergencies. It is a good idea to take some extra measures to avoid these pitfalls. Here are some tips to follow to help ensure that you do not miss your flight if you are traveling with children:

  • Choose an early flight
  • Purchase milk, juice, or snacks after clearing security
  • Take advantage of the ability to board in advance of other passengers

7) Use in-flight WiFi to explore alternative connecting flight options

If you are already en route to your connecting airport but realize that your odds of making your connection are slim, it can be helpful to use in-flight WiFi to try to explore other flight options in advance. This can help you get a jump on other passengers who might ultimately consider the same plan once they arrive at the airport. You can also explore the availability of flights into neighboring cities if necessary.

8) Do not panic or become angry

When you miss your flight, you should do your best to avoid taking out your frustrations on airline attendants. After all, airline representatives are the only people who can help you find a solution when you miss your flight. Whether you choose to communicate by phone or in person, make sure that you maintain a professional demeanor and clearly outline your predicament. Be sure to ask the airline attendant to outline any and all alternative possibilities to help you get to your destination safely and quickly.

The Bottom Line

While there will always be delays that are beyond your control, there are many measures you can take to help ensure that you reach the airport quickly and make it aboard your flight without setbacks. From using a chauffeur service to get to the airport to strategically packing your carry-on bag, there are things you can do to help minimize delays. By following the eight steps above, you can help make sure that you never miss your flight again.

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