7 Details to Arrange When Your Company Is Interviewing a C-Level Exec from Out of Town

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7 Details to Arrange When Your Company Is Interviewing a C-Level Exec from Out of Town

7 Details to Arrange When Your Company Is Interviewing a C-Level Exec from Out of Town | Chariot XXI

Preparing to interview a C-Level executive requires strategic planning and finesse. And when the executive lives out of town, you really need to pull out all the stops to pave the way for a flawless experience. By following some simple steps, you can ensure that you and your company make a stellar first impression. Below are seven key details to arrange when your company is interviewing a C-level executive from out of town.

1) Select hotel accommodations with care

Depending upon the length of the interview process and the executive’s hometown, you will likely need to book a hotel room for the applicant. This process should be undertaken with care to maximize their comfort and convenience while minimizing transit time to and from your office and the airport. Here are some tips to keep in mind when selecting a hotel:

  • Select a hotel within close proximity to your office
  • Ask if the applicant would prefer a non-smoking room or smoking room
  • Inquire about any preferences regarding floor selection
  • Choose a hotel that is located near a shopping center if possible

2) Greet your guest inside the airport

First impressions really matter when courting a C-Level executive. And you only have one chance to make a great first impression on your applicant. Rather than leaving them to navigate through your airport, baggage claim, and ground transportation, plan to meet the applicant just outside of security. This will allow you to extend a warm welcome in person and provide you with an opportunity to do the following:

3) Secure top of the line transportation for the entire visit

A clean, spacious vehicle driven by a trained chauffeur can help the interview process start off on the right foot. Most people who arrive at their destination airport after a long trip end up doing one of the following: endure a long wait and paperwork to secure a car rental; explore ride sharing options; or stand in line for a taxi service.
Securing a professional car service eliminates these hassles and maximizes convenience for the applicant. Additionally, you have a built-in mechanism for ensuring punctuality. Best of all, with a few clicks, you can arrange for the applicant to enjoy five-star transportation throughout their stay in your city. Depending on the applicant’s length of time in your city, you can hire a chauffeur for the following segments of the applicant’s visit:

  • Upon their arrival at the airport: You can kick off the process by hiring a professional car service to pick up your interviewee at the airport
  • To the hotel or your office: Depending on the meeting agenda, the chauffeur can transport the applicant to their hotel or your office
  • To restaurants and local events: By hiring an hourly car service, your guest can enjoy safe transportation to lunch, dinner, or local events
  • Back to the airport: With a trusted car service, your interviewee can cap off their visit with a safe, stress-free ride to the airport

Four cheerful business people sitting in a limousine and communicating.

4) Inquire about food allergies and preferences

According to Food Allergy Research and Education (FARE), there are 32 million Americans who have at least one food allergy. And with the incidence of food allergies increasing 50% since 1997, a growing number of restaurants are making accommodations for guests with food allergies.
In spite of these statistics, food allergies and preferences are frequently overlooked when planning for an executive visit. You can set yourself apart from other companies by tending to this important detail in advance. Here are some questions to ask in advance to ensure that your guest is pleased with the food choices offered:

  • “Do you have any food allergies?”
  • “Are there any types of cuisine that you like more than others?”
  • “Do you have a favorite restaurant in our city?” (for execs who are familiar with your city)

5) Make sure your facilities are in tip-top shape

Hiring top talent is critical to the future success of your company. Attracting and hiring outstanding C-level executives is especially important, as they provide the leadership your company needs to prosper. To make your company attractive to top-tier C-Suite candidates, you need to present your company as an industry leader. One of the best ways to achieve this goal is to make sure that your operations are in tip-top shape. Here are some ways to do this:

  • Start with your landscaping: A freshly mowed lawn, trimmed trees and shrubbery, and mulch show that you care about your property.
  • Tend to your building maintenance: Make sure light bulbs are replaced, paint is touched up, and plumbing is working well.
  • Ensure signage is intact: If you have an illuminated sign on your building or your property, make sure it is fully operational.
  • Clean your outdoor smoking areas: If you have a designated smoking area, be sure to remove cigarette butts and debris.
  • Have your facilities professionally cleaned: A sparkling clean facility will impress your applicant and illustrate your professionalism.

6) Alert your employees that a VIP will be onsite

If your interview process includes a tour of your offices and facilities, then the applicant will likely come into contact with some of your employees. You want to make sure that employees are on their best behavior and respectful of company policies and procedures. Here are a few reminders to issue to your team of employees in advance of the interview process:

  • Remind employees to dress professionally
  • Ensure offices, cubicles and work stations are neat and free of clutter
  • Issue a reminder about proper office behavior such as timely arrival and refraining from using profanity

7) Ensure the applicant gets to the airport on time

The last thing you want after a successful interview is for your applicant to miss their flight home. The best way to prevent a missed flight is to make sure the interview process ends on time and reserve a professional car service to take the applicant to the airport. With the help of a trusted chauffeur and a relaxing ride in a luxury vehicle, you can ensure that the interview process ends on a positive note.

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