Traveling for the Holidays? Here’s How to Stay Stress-Free

Houston Offshore Technology Conference Transportation Services
Houston Offshore Technology Conference Transportation Services
April 26, 2022
A family happily checks their bags at the airport as they travel with children.
Pro Tips for Stress-Free Holiday Travel With Your Children – Pt 1
November 9, 2022

Traveling for the Holidays? Here’s How to Stay Stress-Free

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Millions of people every holiday season make plans to travel. Some look forward to the adventure every year, some endure travel to see their loved ones. Each person handles travel differently, but stress is always a factor. Worrying about your passport, checking your bag, and jostling holiday crowds, these things are typical factors for stress. Fortunately, there are also more than a few clever tricks to manage your travel with ease. If you’re hoping to enjoy your traveling for the holidays stress-free this year, Chariot XXI has all the answers you need.

Book Ahead, Have Everything Ready When Traveling for the Holidays

Book everything ahead of time, far ahead. As soon as your vacation time is processed, book your flight, and then reserve your favorite seat – window or aisle, front or back of the plane. Reduce your stress by knowing, for sure, that you’ll get the seat you want. If there’s an in-flight meal, you may be able to reserve that, too. If there’s an online baggage check, reserve a spot for your suitcase and check it at the drop-off loop when you arrive.

From there, book your hotel. You might even be able to make sure there’s a dinner (or a massage) waiting when you arrive.

Avoid the Crowds and Rush Times

Millions of people travel during the holidays, and you don’t want to be jostled by every single one. Book your flight on weekdays and in the very early morning or late at night when the airport is emptier. This gives you some peace of mind when finding your terminal. Plus, the lines for sandwiches won’t be a mile long.

If your relatives are in dense city centers, consider flying into one of the suburban airports and driving to their houses to avoid crowds.

Arrive Early Enough to Explore the Sky Mall

When it comes to holiday travel, arrive early – way early. This ensures you have plenty of time to check your bag and get through security before your plane departs, even if there are big crowds. But don’t think of this as showing up early for a dentist appointment. Airports are exciting places. Make plans to stroll the SkyMall and catch an overpriced lunch (or your annual Cinnabon) while checking out all the duty-free shops and souvenirs. 

Then, if you are delayed, all you miss are a few minutes of browsing mugs and magazines.

Pack Carefully and Take Inventory

Before you depart, pack carefully. Make sure you have everything for travel packed into your carry-on and for the trip packed into your suitcase. Take inventory, double-check, and pack efficiently. Then make sure your at-hand items, like your passport and ID, can be tightly secured and easily accessed as you move through the airport.

Use Your Airline Points and Perks

While you’re wrapped up in holiday travel, don’t forget the perks. If you have any airline miles, use them to upgrade your seat, get free drinks, or fly for free. You can even hang out in the airline lounges just by signing up for a membership – even if you don’t have any points or don’t buy a subscription. So make the most of this opportunity for a little extra luxury and feel your stress melting away.

Travel Insurance and Travel Agents Ease Your Mind When Traveling for the Holidays

Many people remove stress from their travel plans by combining travel insurance and a travel agent. Travel insurance pays you back if flights and events are canceled or in case of travel emergencies. Travel agents are free to hire because they are paid by the travel industry, but their job is to concierge you through a great experience by doing the research and booking for you. A good travel agent will also help you out in case you need an emergency booking after a canceled flight.

Have a Car Waiting for You

Last but never least, make sure a car is waiting for you at the airport. There is nothing quite so relaxing as knowing that a professional driver is ready to pick you up. They can then take you from baggage claim to your hotel safely. This way, no matter how your flight went or when it arrives, you know your trip ends with a friendly driver followed by the safe comfort of your hotel’s cozy bed. From there, you can embrace the joy of the holidays stress-free.

Learn More About Traveling for the Holidays

If traveling to or from downtown Houston for the holidays, Chariot XXI would be honored to be your dedicated car service. We guarantee that you will always enjoy a luxurious ride, VIP treatment, and on-time drivers. Whether you need a ride to the airport, a tour of Houston attractions, or someone to make sure you get safely to your hotel room after a long flight, Chariot XXI is here to serve.

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