Why Should I Book Intercity Rides as an Alternative to Flights?

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November 9, 2022

Why Should I Book Intercity Rides as an Alternative to Flights?

Why Should I Book Intercity Rides as an Alternative to Flights?

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When traveling from one city to another, many people think that the only way to get there is to either drive hundreds of miles on end in their family car or to jump on an airplane and put up with the nuisance that flying has become. Surely you’ve been in an airplane thinking, “When is this flight going to leave?”. Maybe you thought “There has to be a more comfortable way to travel”. If you have felt that way, you would indeed be correct that there is a better way with intercity rides.

There is now another alternative way to get where you want. We promise that it’s also a much more pleasant way to travel as well. Your new alternative for intercity commutes is to enjoy rides in a chauffeured car driven by one of the top-of-the-line vehicles from Chariot XXI. It’s a new way to experience intercity travel, and we promise, it will beat flying any day of the week!

Introducing Intercity Rides With Chariot XXI

The alternative to taking a cramped flight comes to you from Houston, Texas. There, Chariot XXI is proud to offer a variety of intercity trips served with a side of southern hospitality as big as Texas itself. We are proud to offer some of our intercity rides from Houston to other cities like Dallas. San Antonio, and Lafayette as well as any other city in between.

Not only will your private chauffeur ensure that you are on time to your destination, but you will also get to enjoy the conveniences of having your private ride to the destination of your choice. You are also welcome to do many things in your privately chauffeured ride that you wouldn’t be welcome to do on your airplane flight, such as:

  • Making personal, private, or business-related phone calls
  • Send or respond to emails throughout your trip
  • Use your phone or computer without worrying about using airplane mode
  • Plug in or charge your phone, laptop, or other personal electronics throughout your trip
  • Rehearse/prepare for business meetings
  • Put your seat back for a relaxing rest/nap (no one will complain that your seat is in their lap)


If these are the types of things that you need to do while in the car, and you don’t have time to be focused on driving, then Chariot XXI is for you! You get to choose the size vehicle that you need as we offer both luxury sedans and luxury black SUVs. We can also provide you with car seats if you are traveling with children. We will do the rest including providing you with a personal chauffeur that will ensure that you safely arrive on time to your destination.

Book Your Ride With Chariot XXI Today

The next time you need to travel on an intercity basis, you will save both time and money by booking one of our luxury vehicles for your ride instead of taking an airplane such as a short distance. You will enjoy a ride in luxury, and you will have plenty of legroom as well as space to make yourself comfortable on your journey. Contact Chariot XXI today, and we will help you book the vehicle that meets your needs to help get you on your road and where you are going as soon as you are ready to get rolling!

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