How to Travel During the Pandemic with the Lowest Risk of Infection

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How to Travel During the Pandemic with the Lowest Risk of Infection

How to Travel During the Pandemic with the Lowest Risk of Infection | Chariot XXI

How to Travel During the Pandemic with the Lowest Risk of Infection

Let’s face it, traveling during the pandemic has become somewhat of a luxury, given the recent movement restrictions. But even with tight guidelines, sticking to one place is hard enough. As social beings, you are bound to catch a quick drive to check in on friends or sneak in a quick flight to take a break from the ongoing chaos. Rather than travel recklessly and expose yourself to the ongoing crisis, how should adopt traveling methods that help you maintain the least possible risk of infection? Here is a guideline of how you can adhere to safe practices on your days out.

  1. Use Car Travel Instead of Air Travel

Car travel is currently the safest model of travel due to its reduced capacity of passengers as opposed to air travel. By choosing to travel by road, you limit your contact with the outside world, a crucial factor for your safety against covid-19. So, rather than choosing to fly your usual three to four-hour distance, get a car service that will offer you a safe travel experience. Along with this, rather than opting for stopovers at restaurants; prepare your meals for your trip. It ensures that you track your source of food, whether you are traveling alone or with young dependents. What’s more, traveling by car is cheap, flexible and will take you right to your destination. You no longer have to worry about changing vehicles that may expose you to harm.

  1. Travel with Only Those you Live Together

Traveling with your family is another way that you can curb the spread of the disease. By traveling with those you live with, you reduce the likelihood of exposure to the disease, and you can keep a close eye on your family members, especially dependents such as the elderly and the children. Traveling together means sticking to your usual home environment with those that you share a space with.

Keep in mind that if you want to invite other family members for any car travels, it is best to request for an extra car pickup. Keeping such distance allows for restricted and safe containment spaces. If you are worried about crowding in the vehicle, private car services come with added comfort and space fit for a large family.

  1. If Flying, Use Squeaky Clean Pickups and Transfers

Certain types of office jobs may make it difficult to travel by car, especially those that require nationwide physical monitoring. If you fall under this category, flying will be definitely on your schedule. So what do you once you land on Texas soil? Choose a pickup car service that pays attention to the highest level of hygiene. This will ensure there is little risk of you becoming infected. But with only their websites to go by, how do you spot these high standards? The trick is in checking if they provide pre-booked reservations or on the spot pickups and transfers. Car transfer services that use only pre-booked reservations will stick to high standards since they have time to thoroughly clean their vehicles before and after trips.

The current travel guidelines spell out strict disinfecting measures, an element that takes time. So, if you notice car services that offer on the spot pickups, chances are that they may be cutting corners. Stay away from such and limit disease exposure by adopting only pre-booked transfer reservations.

  1. Practice Personal Safety Standards

Your car transfer service can put in all the safety and hygiene measures, but you still need to play your part. The WHO’s safety standards are essential not just for crowded places but also while traveling. Adhere to the basics such as wearing your mask and carrying a sanitizer when traveling. Remember to also avoid touching your face whether you have a mask or not. Practicing these measures will ensure you keep safe and get the lowest risk of covid-19 infection. It will also help to keep your traveling counterparts safe.

  1. Restrictions in Texas During Traveling

Travel restrictions currently vary from state to state, and as such, you need to be aware of where you are traveling to and from. New York has, for instance, placed new travel restrictions for those traveling from Texas. New Jersey and Connecticut have also joined; posing a problem for any would-be travelers from Texas due to the increased cases of covid-19. This means that car transfer services to and from these destinations will suffer temporary setbacks. It is, therefore, best to stick to only car travels within Texas and transfers to other destinations until normal flight operations resume.

Given the spike of covid-19 cases, you will still be required to wear your mask while out in public, whether traveling or visiting local areas. Travelers are also encouraged to continue practicing personal standards such as minimizing contact.

Elderly people over the age of 65 are also encouraged to keep their traveling to a minimum and to stay indoors as much as possible. If, however, you fall under this category or know any elderly family that needs to catch a quick trip, go for safe pickups. A top-notch car service will protect you and your loved ones by adhering to the state safety standards. Remember to also maintain your distance and opt for spacious car rides.
Regularly checking for updates will make for a smooth travel experience and will help to keep you out of harm’s way. Keep in mind that the restrictions can change abruptly, so adjustability is critical in ensuring that you maintain flexible travel schedules.

If you need a safe travel partner to minimize your risk to disease exposure, get a Chariot XXI. The current times call for excellence in car service travels, to allow you to get the best experience for your daily travel. Whether you simply need a trustworthy ride, a safe transport experience, or an affordable mode of travel to cut down your costs, we are just a call away. Chariot XXI offers flexible travel schedules and quality service at any time of day or night. Make a reservation with us today and get an executive car service.

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