6 Houston City Tours and Events You Won’t Want to Miss

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6 Houston City Tours and Events You Won’t Want to Miss

6 Houston City Tours and Events You Won't Want to Miss | Chariot XXI

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Social Sundays at the Poitin

The Poitin restaurant describes itself as a “High-End Experience with a Low Key Attitude.” They have a regular event called “Social Sundays” which starts on Sundays at 10 AM and runs all the way through the entire day until 11:30 PM, so you could go at any point during the day. It is essentially a day-long party where you can get A Sunday Brunch or roast meal as well as drinks.

The restaurant looks out over the city with some spectacular views that you won’t soon forget, especially when you arrive there in class with all of your friends in a high-end ride to match your high-end location.

Sam Houston Boat Tours

Ride around the river in style and get a unique perspective on Houston with a boat tour. Sam Houston is a general who helped keep Texas independent and for whom the city is named. It can be a lot of fun to ride around on a nice boat through the river where you can see everything clearly from a distance. It’s definitely not something you can say every day, namely that you showed up to a boat tour in a limo and then saw Houston by boat. Plus, Port Houston can sometimes be difficult to get to by any other method given its location, so a chauffeured ride makes a lot of sense.

Also, make sure you pick up your tickets ahead of time on the day of the tour to make sure the weather is good and that there aren’t any delays or scheduled maintenance cycles. That way, when you show up in style in the chauffeured vehicle of your choice, you’ll be sure that the rest of the day will go well.

Houston Helicopter Tours

These helicopter tours can give you a whole new perspective on the city. It’s not exactly a regular human thing to be able to see a city like Houston the way that birds can. However, this is something you can do if you get a particular kind of bird, a whirlybird, or helicopter. The helicopter pads you would need to travel to are often in awkward parts of the city, so it’s best if you get there in a chauffeured car to be sure there are no problems.

Helicopter tours are especially fun in cities like Houston with big skyscrapers because you can get a lot closer to them than you might think. The helicopters themselves gives you an amazing kind of flexibility of movement you’d never get in an airplane.

Become a Texas Tycoon for a Weekend

This kind of experience doesn’t come cheap, but it’s certainly cheaper than actually being a Texas Oil Tycoon yourself. When you sign up for this at the Houstonian, you can live for three days in the Capitol Suite at the Houstonian Hotel. It includes its own events like private helicopter rides, private dancing lessons, visits to a spa, your own cowboy gear, and a lot of other things. However, as long as your living in luxury, you’re may want to go out for your own dinner, in which case, you’re definitely going to want to have a chauffeured car, since obviously a Texas Oil Baron, however temporary they might be, wouldn’t drive themselves, that would just be ridiculous.

Driving around in a limo or other high-end car would really help you complete the effect.

Happy Hour at Steak 48

Visit one of the highest-end locations in Houston for their Happy Hour. Arrive there in style in your chauffeured car so that you have the best of everything and you don’t have to try to get there yourself since it’s in an uptown location.

Houston and Space Center Tour

You can’t just go to Houston without visiting the Space Center Houston station there, that would be absurd. Just think about all of the annoying conversations that you’re going to have from now until the end of time if you don’t go there. Someone is going to ask you about the places you’ve been, and eventually, Houston is going to come up. Then, they are inevitably going to ask you whether you saw the Space Center there, since it’s one of the most famous things about Houston, period.

Fortunately, there’s an official City Tour that includes the NASA Space Center there as well as other parts of the city. It may not be in a convenient location to where you are though, so you’re definitely better off taking a chauffeured car there, and then asking for a pick up after the tour since it’s about 6 hours long.

You’ll get to see all of the different sites there are to see in just one go here, including travelling by double-decker bus, getting a highlight of the sites in the city proper, and getting to see all of what the Space Center has to offer including all the different training facilities, a bit about the shuttles, and a lot more.

Plus, once you’ve seen all the sites in Downtown Houston, you’re probably going to want to go explore them a bit more later. So, after you get off the tour, you can get picked up by your chauffeur again and go check them out as much as you want!

That’s one of the advantages of the tour, it will give you an overview of what’s possible quickly, but you’ll definitely want a car driven by someone who knows the city to easily get you in and out of all the best places.

For more information about how a chauffeured ride can greatly enhance your experience of Houston, you should definitely consider contacting such a service today.

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